giáo án anh văn lớp 2 cả năm theo sách của bộ

Giáo án anh văn lớp 2 cả năm soạn theo sách của bộ của tonghoptieuhoc. Vì bài soạn lớp 2 chương trình mới có gì sơ xuất mong thông cảm.


A. Objectives:

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to identify, spell and pronounce correctly the words: pasta, popcorn, pizza, kite, bike and kitten.

1. Knowledge:

         – Vocabulary: pasta, popcorn, pizza, kite, bike and kitten

         – Sounds /p/ (letter p) and /k/ (letter k)

2. Language skills:

         – Listening, speaking, reading

3. Competence:

         – Be self-study, communicative and cooperative

         – Evaluation of cooperation activities

4. Attitude/Qualitiy:

         – Build up interests and good habits in learning English

         – Build up responsive and independent-working characteristics

B. Aids:

         – Teacher’s aids:  student book and teacher’s book, CDs, projector,  whiteboard.

         – Students’ aids: Student books, notebooks, workbooks.

C. Procedure:

Steps / Activities Organization

1. WARM UP: What’s missing? (5 minutes)

Goal: Create a friendly and exciting atmosphere before the lesson.

          – Students have positive energy to start the lesson.

          – Review classroom rules.

– Have some students remind classroom rules.

– Hide a flashcard, have each team say the missing one.

* Revising the sounds and words:

– Show flashcards: Show flashcards and ask pupils to say: letters p, k, pasta, popcorn, pizza, kite, bike and kitten.


Teacher, whole class

1. Find and circle the words. Then say. 12 minutes (page 12)


Goal: Students correctly identify and pronounce the words pizza, kitten, popcorn, bike


– Have ss look at each pic and say the words. “What do you see?”

– Ask ss to look at the word search, find and circle the words in it individually.

– Explain how to do the task. Find and circle the words in the word search. Then say the words.

– Model with the first word if necessary.

– Have ss exchange their answers in pairs or groups. Ask them to point to the words and say.

Call some ss to show the circled words and say in front of the class.


Teacher, whole class





Teacher, whole class



Extension Goal:

– After the ss find the words and pronounce them, organize a short game. Divide the class into two teams. Call on one pupil from each team to go to the board. Call out a word and the two pupils have to write them on the board. Give a point to each correct word. Ss from the teams take turns to write the words.


Teacher, whole class

Group work

2. Let’s play: Stand up! Sit down! 13 minutes


Goal: To recognize target word while listening


Have all ss sit down.

Teacher holds up a flashcard and say a word.

If the flashcard and the word are the same, pupils stand up; if not, pupils sit still. Call some pupils to say the correct word

Have the whole class play the game. Call two pupils to be the observers of the game. Hold up the flashcards and have pupils play the game.

Divide the class into two teams. Give points to the winner.

Extension: After doing well at this game, increase the difficulty. Ask one pupil to come to the class, hold up a flashcard and say the word for the whole class to stand up/sit down.

Whole class work

Whole class work

Individual work




Whole class work

Group work

*Wrap up: (5 minutes)


Goal: Students can pick up the new structure and practise


– Have ss say the letters p and k together with the sounds /p/ (letter p) and /k/ (letter k) again.

– Then show flashcards and have pupils say the words.

Whole class

Individual work


D. REFLECTION: …………………………….

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